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We are PERTAMINA’s National Fuel Agent to sell and distribute PERTAMINA’s products (HSD, MDF, MFO) by land and sea in Indonesia.



In 2007 the United Shipping Indonesia was founded and operated to sell and distribute Pertamina's products such as HSD, MDF, MFO by land and sea.

United Shipping Indonesia has been performing with excellence and has won the trust of many renowned costumer which engaged in various sector such as industrial, marine, agriculture and mining sector ever since.

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Not just being a provider, but becoming the first choice when it comes to a sustainable energy solution for both our costumers and our stakeholders.


Providing the best possible service in fuel distribution industry with upmost efficiency and trust in its implementation.

To be the nation’s leader in the fuel distibution and therefore became the benchmark for serving quality.


United Shipping has a complete fleet that met the various requirements of international fuel transportation standards.

Our fleet consist of sea and land transportation such as Tankers, Self propelled Oil Barge (SPOB) and Land Fuel Trucks. Browse through our fleet below.

sea fleets transportation and bunker service

Fuel Trucking & Transportation

Learn Why United Shipping Should Be Your First Choice

Fuel transport by United Shipping is not just transporting from point A to point B, instead is an experience of a comprehensive logistics solution with the support of a modern management system that will give you control and transparency well.

History & Experience

As we strive through the years since 2007, we have learnt that safety is always the main priority in the service of fuel transportation. PT. USI as the national Pertamina fuel logistic / tranportation partner came from a small beginning back in the first establishment. Years of learning back in the past finally paid off when we began to achieve awards in 2014 for best volum / best agent and it's been consecutive ever since.

Control & Transparency

When you trust PT. USI as your partner in Pertamina fuel transport, control & transparency of your goods are in your grasp. As customer satisfaction is our main goal, GPS tracking and fuel sensor will ensure safety and also by the assets and inventory management. Safety journey is guaranteed.

Environmental Responsible

PT. USI Logistic understands that being an environmentally responsible company means getting the balance of economic, social, and environmental factors right. We committed to keep the Indonesian land and waters safe and clean for future generations. By working with PT. USI, you contribute to these important objectives. We maintain the highest environmental standards throughout our company. We work to conserve resources like energy and water, to raise awareness among employees and surroundings.

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United Shipping carry and distribute only Pertamina fuel products that known for it’s reliability and quality for the industrial application

MFO 180

Marine Fuel Oil

Fuel oil is a liquid fuel results from processing crude oil. MFO is a heavy fuel oil which contain a residue, it is used as fuel oil in marine market; especially for low speed diesel engine (< 350 rpm) Used as fuel for direct combustion in the furnace of big industry, power plants, etc.

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MFO 380

Marine Fuel Oil

MFO is a heavy fuel oil which contain a residue, it is used as fuel oil in marine market; especially for low speed diesel engine (< 350 rpm). Is produced by blending components in refinery which ensure that the product will be more homogeneous, stable, compatible and less contaminant

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Marine DIESEL Fuel

The fuel of distillate type is used for diesel engine with medium or low speed (300-1000 RPM), these type of fuel is often referred to as Industrial Diesel Oil. Made up of 20% HSD 80% MFO. Diesel oil is a kind of distillate fuel containing heavy fractions or a mixture of light distillate fractions and a heavy fraction (residual fuel oil) and dark black, but remain liquid at low temperatures. It can also be used as direct fuel combustion in industrial furnace. Diesel oil is usually referred to as Industrial Diesel Oil (IDO) or Marine Diesel Fuel (MDF).

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High speed diesel

The fuel of distillate type is used for diesel engines with compression ignition combustion system, generally with high rpm (above 1000 rpm). This type of fuel is often referred to as Automotive Diesel Oil or Marine Gas Oil (MGO).

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United Shipping (PT. USI) has a proven service record, and it has been translated to Awards that was given for our Achievements and Commitments throughout the years.

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We speak from results. Our clients and partners played the highest role as our main marketing tools.